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What is reputation analysis?

Brand reputation must be the first thing that should come to mind whether of the owners or the stakeholders. First of all, you need to know the exact meaning of the term brand reputation. Brand reputation means the image or the perception the public has regarding a company or an organization. In simple words, it can be said that brand reputation is a way that shows how your brand can influence the behavior of the stakeholders.

The internet has given opportunities to the consumers to express their opinions about the brand and its products, and services with help of various social media platforms and giving reviews on the websites. Positive reviews can enhance the growth of the business whereas, negative reviews can ruin the brand image.

Reputation analysis is a process where professionals are hired for reviewing and monitoring the brand’s image on social media platforms, websites, and other shopping sites. Brand reputation analysis consists of various steps to carry this process.

A few general steps for brand reputation analysis are:

  • Defining objectives

The first and foremost step is to know about what are the objectives behind the reputation analysis. Ascertaining about the objectives in the very beginning gives a clear hint in which direction you need to work to attain the goals. Whether the goal is to achieve a huge audience size, boost sales, or just maintain public relations by providing good quality of the product after-sale services. This all must be defined prior only to avoid miscommunication.

  • Categorization

To begin with the process the hired teams use various tools and software to monitor where and how the consumers have mentioned your brands. Whether it is mentioned in a positive manner or a negative one. Further, the team divides the mentions into various categories like where the name of the company got mentioned, where the name of the products got mentioned for simplifying the process.

  • View ranking

After categorization, the next step is to view the ranking, for which teams use various modern tools and software which show the current rankings of the brands and the products.

  • Evaluation

After gathering all the relevant data and the insights teams do an evaluation to know about the overall ranking of the brand, factors affecting the reputation, type of reviews, even competitors reputation is also considered.

After the evaluation, the exact strategies about reputation management have been made so that negative points can be reduced to nil.