Computers are such a device that is used all over the world for millions of purposes. Originally invented by Sir Charles Babbage, computers have revolutionized technology in today’s world. Without computers we would simply be lost. The amount of data a computer can process in the mount of time that it does, is really baffling and cannot be possibly attempted by a human under any circumstances. Computers are the modern genius product when in comes to technology. It has evolved over several decades and today we have super computers. But not many people know how a computer particularly works. Yes, people do know how to use it, but the basic anatomy of a computer is only known by experts. One of the basic features of this computer anatomy is how you power a computer. Computer is a complex device and requires a lot of power supply to work.

THE SUPPLY OF POWER FOR A COMPUTER– The one thing that you must know about the supply of power for a computer is that the computer uses DC current. DC current is direct current which is different from the current that you get through your switch boards directly, the AC Current. It is imperative to have a moderator to transform the AC current into DC current so that your computer can use it to power on. Nowadays, all computers have the efficiency of a switch that can be used to power on a computer. This is known as the switch mode power supply which uses a regulator for it, to get the desired amount of voltage for a computer.

The most important factor of a computer power supply is the form factor. The form factor decides the size, shape and often the features of the device. It is imperative for the form factor to match with the motherboard where the power supply is normally installed. There are several types of computer motherboards available for your pick, and for the matching with your computer.

There are different types of connectors used in the computer power supply. These connectors related to the form factor of the computer power supply. They are:

MOTHERBOARD CONNECTOR: Uses to power supply and connects it to the motherboard of a computer.

CPU POWER SUPPLY:CPIU stands for the Central Processing Unit. This segment is responsible for connecting the mother board to the power supply. Then the power supply in connected to the CPU of the computer.

MOLEX CONNECTOR: This is an IDE connector that connects to the hard drives and CD ROM drives of a computer.

FLOPPY CONNECTOR: Supplies floppy Drive i.e. drive marked A with necessary power. Along with that also supplies card reader drives of a computer.

SATA CONNECTOR:Used to connect to SATA or Serial Aerial Technology Attachment Interfaces or hard drives.

PCI EXPRESS CONNECTOR: This is used to connect the PCS express video cards, that receive the power supply directly than from the motherboard.


These were the basic things when it comes to computer power supply.

Importance of web Development Work for Continuous Business Growth

Website design is the most important part of a website owner. This is the gateway of letting know the customers that what your business offers to them. When your business customers are able to know your services they can immediately convert into long term relationship. Therefore website design and web development go neck to neck when it comes to attracting potential customers.

 Website design has come a long way with new design tools are being practiced. Whenever any site is in under progress a lot of design outline site owner has to keep in mind. Ultimately applying the best design creation would surely attract and interest going among the target customers.

  Website design and its impact on businesses –

Web design is a continuation and experimentation of various designs which ultimately works. Finally when it is ready to upload site owner expects their site to find by worldwide customers. Therefore web design plays a crucial role in making a site visible to its target businesses.

 Once your site crawl by search engine crawler or indexed the web pages you can expect the site get instant visibility. Any web site creations are not completed unless your site gets online visibility. Because of endless visitors visit a website it is bound to see more traffic and sales are guaranteed.

What roles web development plays?

Web development works are equally important as like web design creation. Without the coding and back end development like server-side PHP, content management system you cannot make a website to run on a different compatible platform. Until your web development team works and created the coding part without any bug your website will not come live.  Web developers are the back end developer of site construction and are responsible for site progress.  They are good at website development and can be hired for website long term performance.

 Is e- commerce site creation worth have –?

Now a day people find rather easy to shop their favourite products online. With plenty of shopping sites are searched shopper does not need any kind of assistance. Therefore from an e-commerce site owner point of view, it is a continuous effort to bring new features for their site growth.

 The more new and trendy shopping cart is available to shopper more number of customers visit that particular site. In a nutshell, good at ecommerce website development can be regarded as the best site development work.

From the customer’s perspective, they will find and chose a variety of materials, products, and items from an e-commerce site. The key role here is the effort of e-commerce web development team. Shopping gets the all-new dimension mainly because of availability of popular e-commerce websites.

 Since more and more customers search their favourite items through an e-commerce portal it makes the site to be demanded. From the search engine perspective, if any visitor or customers visit a site and searches products then the number of times they land at the site would benefit the site progress.